BeiDouXing Grant Request Process

What are BeiDouXing Grants?

BeiDouXing offers the opportunity to fund items that support our mission. The items can be requested by any member of the XinXing community (staff, students, or parents). The following are rough guidelines for these grants:

  • Each grant will aim to benefit a large number of XinXing students (at least a single grade level).
  • Grants will focus on strategic support of Chinese culture and community building. Gifts are intended to enhance the school or school community and provide Chinese educational and cultural opportunities that cannot be offered through normal budget avenues.
  • Grants in support of teacher education and licensure are handled through a separate Laoshi Fund Grant Request process.

What is the process to request a BeiDouXing Grant?

  • Requests can be made by anyone associated with XinXing. They can be made individually, by grade level teams (this will be preferred if the item proposed could easily benefit an entire grade level), or through a collaboration of many.
  • The Executive Board will screen initial requests to ensure no duplication, efficiency in cost estimates, fit with budget and grant guidelines, etc.
  • Grant requests will be reviewed and voted on at Executive Board meetings.
  • A simple majority of all board members present is required for the grant to be approved
  • Requests for grants should use the form discussed below. (Attach cost estimates if appropriate).
  • Grants are capped at $1000 unless there are exceptional circumstances.

What is the process to submit a BeiDouXing Grant request?

  • Complete the “BeiDouXing Grant Request Form” – Paper and Electronic forms are available.
  • Paper forms can be found in the “BeiDouXing” mailbox in the Main Office.
  • Electronic forms are available in pdf form (to print and fill out on paper) or as a word document (to complete electronically). To use the word document, complete the form and hit “Save As” with your name in the title, then send as an attachment to: