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XinXing Students Earn Proficiency Awards

On Saturday, Sept. 27, 154 XinXing Academy students were honored at the second-annual Chinese Proficiency Award Ceremony and Reception. The event, sponsored by the University of Minnesota’s Confucius Institute, recognized all students who have mastered Chinese proficiency on the 2014 Youth Chinese Test (YCT), Hangu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) test, and/or the STAMP Assessment.

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University of MN Spotlights XinXing

The history and success of XinXing Academy was featured in the Spring/Summer edition of “Connect,” a magazine produced by the University of Minnesota.   To read the article follow this link and scroll down to the “Building a Community” section:

5th Grade Cultural Lunch


students practiced Chinese dining ettiquette

students practiced Chinese dining ettiquette

On Friday, March 7th XinXing 5th graders learned how to make Chinese dumplings and experienced a traditional Chinese meal at the second annual 5th Grade Cultural Lunch.  The lunch was organized and staffed by parent volunteers in cooperation with the XinXing 5th grade teachers.

As part of the experience, students learned about Chinese dining etiquette and traditional table roles of each family member or guest.   Each student was

hands-on dumpling class
hands-on dumpling class

assigned a role to play during the dining experience.  

Students also attended a dumpling cooking class where they got to make their own dumplings to be served along with the lunch.

Funding for the event was provided by Bei Dou Xing.