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Summer Chinese Language Learning Ideas

Looking for some ways to help your child retain their Chinese language skills over the summer?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Have your child watch a Chinese video a few times a week, even if your child doesn’t know everything they are saying it is good to be hearing the language.  Video links are available on the Bei Dou Xing website by following this link.
  • Play music with Chinese lyrics for your child to listen to while doing other things around the house.  There are some good CDs for kids available online.  Here are a couple examples that are available on  “50 Timeless Tunes: Traditional Chinese Children’s Songs” 
  • Have your child keep a Chinese journal daily, weekly or monthly.  Tip: Take pictures of summertime activities or memories and put them in a box.  At journal time have your child select a picture from the box to write about, you can tape the photo into their journal.  This makes a fun memory book to look back on next summer. 
  • Visit a Chinese restaurant – strike up a conversation with the staff or look through the menu for familiar words
  • Bring your shopping list to United Noodles or another Asian supermarket – browse the aisles and have your child listen in on the conversations around you to see if they know what is being said, look for familiar words on the packages, and pick up a few groceries while you’re there!
  • Bring out the flashcards from school once a week or once a month.
  • Let your child pick out a “just right” level Chinese book from the Hennepin County Library – several libraries have large Chinese sections, including Edina and Ridgedale.  They also sometimes offer Chinese story time and other cultural activities (for example, Origami Fun on May 17th at Penn-Lake Library).  Visit for more info.
  • For kids in grades K-2, pull out the books that your child made in kindergarten and have them read a couple out loud to you each week.
  • Find a classmate or two and make your own Chinese book club – have the kids read the book and get together to discuss it (it doesn’t even matter if they discuss the book as long as they speak some Chinese)
  • Enroll in one of the Xin Xing enrichment classes through Hopkins Community Ed – in addition to Chinese immersion camps for each grade level, there are summer courses offered on a variety of fun topics that will expose your child to Chinese culture and new interests.

Chinese Summer Reading Club

Chinese immersion students entering grades 1 through 5 in the fall, are invited to join a summer reading club through the Confucius Institute at the University of Minnesota.  Students will read 1-2 Chinese books each day and participate in activities focused around reading.  This is a great opportunity for the students to maintain and refresh their Chinese during the summer.

Grade-level clubs meet once a week for four weeks and there are two sessions during the summer.  The clubs meet from 6-7pm on the University Of Minnesota campus.

Space is limited so send your registration in early!

Click here for the Chinese Summer Reading Club registration brochure.


Dr. Lawrence’s Visit on LuXie’s Website

There is a post about Dr. Lawrence’s visit to LuXie last year on their website.

The post on LuXie’s website.

Below is translation provided by Sharon.


Building the Bridge of Friendship

XinXing Academy/Eisenhower Elementary principle Rosemary Lawrence at LiXue Elementary, Nanjing

On April 10th, 2009, spring heralded an honored guest from afar: Dr. Rosemary Lawrence, then principle of XinXing Academy and Eisenhower Elementary in Minnesota, U.S.A. Dr. Lawrence toured the Lixue Visitor Center for an overview of LiXue’s past and present, accompanied by Lixue Elementary principle, Mr. Fan Yunliang. She then observed students in their Chinese and English classes, gym classes, and the school’s Technologies Fair. Students greeted Dr. Lawrence enthusiastically in English. Dr. Lawrence was very impressed with LiXue’s programs and the high qualities of its teachers. Dr. Lawrence and Lixue staff held a conference on setting up XinXing and Lixue as sister schools. They also exchanged ideas about Chinese immersion curriculum development.

Dr. Lawrence gave many thumbs-up as she bade good-bye to her new friends: “Lixue, wonderful!” This visit paved the road to success for cooperation and exchanges between our schools.

<Photo 1> Dr. Rosemary Lawrence and Principle Fan Yunliang touring Lixue Visitor Center

<Photo 2 & 3> Dr. Rosemary Lawrence in class

<Photo 4> Dr. Rosemary Lawrence with Lixue staff on campus


A group of Lixue students and staff will visit XinXing Academy/Eisenhower Elementary in May, 2010. As sister schools, we’ll strengthen our bounds of friendship and promote mutual understandings of our societies. This is only the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Part of immersion education is learning about the culture…

CHINAINSIGHT is a monthly newspaper published locally that covers business and cultural issues related to China and the Chinese culture. It will be sent home in Thursday folders over the next few months as a way to provide families insight into the Chinese community here in Minnesota along with current Chinese business and cultural issues.

They also have a website