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Grants Awarded to XinXing Teachers

Bei Dou Xing has awarded two Laoshi Grants for the 2013-2014 school year.  Li Laoshi (K) and Niu Laoshi (2nd) each received a $1000 grant to help offset educational costs incurred this year while working towards licensure.  XinXing teachers are required to attain licensure in order to continue teaching here, so we all want to see them succeed!   Support for teacher licensure is paid from the Bei Dou Xing Laoshi Fund which is funded by proceeds from Longevity and Laoshi Book sales (Chinese books with a teacher-recorded CD).


Laoshi Fund

An overview of the Laoshi Fund is below, to request a Laoshi Fund Grant, see the “How do I Apply” section.  For all other types of grants, please see the Bei Dou Xing Grant Request Process page.


The Laoshi fund is set up to support teachers employed by Hopkins School District and teaching in the Chinese Immersion program. The primary use is to provide support for teacher continued education, licensure costs and test fees. Grants can be given for course credits, seminars and testing related to improving skills or state licensure to the Chinese immersion program. Beginning October, 2014, this will be an annual process. Grants will be paid out in November of each year.

The Laoshi fund is administered by Bei Dou Xing, a 501c3 non-profit supporting Hopkins Chinese immersion programs. The fund is supported by fundraising efforts including the sale of recorded books by teachers and a portion of the Longevity event.

Who is Eligible?

All teachers employed by Hopkins School District who have positions in the Chinese Immersion program.  Grants can be paid out in the second year of employment but the classes or seminars may have taken place in the first year.

What can money be granted for?

Funds can be distributed to help offset costs for course credits, teaching seminars and testing fees.  All courses must be related to teaching immersion or to obtaining licensure in Minnesota.  Other options will be considered.

How do I apply?

Fill out the Laoshi Grant Request Form form (printable pdf)submission instructions are on the form.   Grants may be approved before a course is complete, or a test is taken but funds will not be paid until completion of approved activity, course documentation, final grade, and principal’s signature.

When do I apply?

All applications and supporting documents are due by October 1st annually and will be paid out each November.

Is there a dollar limit per grant?  How many times can I make a request?

No grant request can be more than $1000, and a teacher cannot receive more than $1000 in a calendar year school year. Note: Awards are based on funds available and number of applications submitted.