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Summer Chinese Language Learning Ideas

Looking for some ways to help your child retain their Chinese language skills over the summer?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Have your child watch a Chinese video a few times a week, even if your child doesn’t know everything they are saying it is good to be hearing the language.  Video links are available on the Bei Dou Xing website by following this link.
  • Play music with Chinese lyrics for your child to listen to while doing other things around the house.  There are some good CDs for kids available online.  Here are a couple examples that are available on  “50 Timeless Tunes: Traditional Chinese Children’s Songs” 
  • Have your child keep a Chinese journal daily, weekly or monthly.  Tip: Take pictures of summertime activities or memories and put them in a box.  At journal time have your child select a picture from the box to write about, you can tape the photo into their journal.  This makes a fun memory book to look back on next summer. 
  • Visit a Chinese restaurant – strike up a conversation with the staff or look through the menu for familiar words
  • Bring your shopping list to United Noodles or another Asian supermarket – browse the aisles and have your child listen in on the conversations around you to see if they know what is being said, look for familiar words on the packages, and pick up a few groceries while you’re there!
  • Bring out the flashcards from school once a week or once a month.
  • Let your child pick out a “just right” level Chinese book from the Hennepin County Library – several libraries have large Chinese sections, including Edina and Ridgedale.  They also sometimes offer Chinese story time and other cultural activities (for example, Origami Fun on May 17th at Penn-Lake Library).  Visit for more info.
  • For kids in grades K-2, pull out the books that your child made in kindergarten and have them read a couple out loud to you each week.
  • Find a classmate or two and make your own Chinese book club – have the kids read the book and get together to discuss it (it doesn’t even matter if they discuss the book as long as they speak some Chinese)
  • Enroll in one of the Xin Xing enrichment classes through Hopkins Community Ed – in addition to Chinese immersion camps for each grade level, there are summer courses offered on a variety of fun topics that will expose your child to Chinese culture and new interests.

Fun Chinese Items

Parents often ask what Chinese items are recommended for around the house. It is not required to purchase any of these items. These are only suggestions that parents have found to be fun. Feel free to search other websites to purchase these items at a better price. Remember, XinXing students are using Simplified characters. All Chinese links and products on this site have been reviewed for quality.

If you have found a product that you recommend please email

Kids’ Chinese Magnet Kit
The Kids’ Chinese Kit features over 140 flippable magnets (magnets are printed on both sides and stick both ways) with simplified Chinese characters and pinyin pronunciations on the white side and English translations on the back. You can learn vocabulary with individual magnets or arrange them into sentences.
Price: $14.95 (This product may also be available at Creative Kidstuff. )

Sing with Better Chinese! Audio CD 1-4
With their catchy and memorable songs, these audio CDs are a wonderful way to learn Chinese! Complimenting the My First Chinese Words series, this set of 4 CDs will have children singing along to favorite and familiar tunes and learning Chinese effortlessly. Parents will enjoy it too. $ 39.95+ shipping

My First Flash Cards
My First Chinese Flash Cards is a one-of-a-kind set of flash cards designed specifically for non-Mandarin speaking families and children of all ages.  These Flash Cards are a great way for teachers/parents to practice vocabulary with students in an interactive way. $ 29.95+shipping

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Chinese Reading

Chinese Video Sites
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there are possible links to other videos on these sites that you do not want your child to see. The parent needs to control what videos are playing.
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Fun Chinese Items for Around the House
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