Fun Chinese Items

Parents often ask what Chinese items are recommended for around the house. It is not required to purchase any of these items. These are only suggestions that parents have found to be fun. Feel free to search other websites to purchase these items at a better price. Remember, XinXing students are using Simplified characters. All Chinese links and products on this site have been reviewed for quality.

If you have found a product that you recommend please email

Kids’ Chinese Magnet Kit
The Kids’ Chinese Kit features over 140 flippable magnets (magnets are printed on both sides and stick both ways) with simplified Chinese characters and pinyin pronunciations on the white side and English translations on the back. You can learn vocabulary with individual magnets or arrange them into sentences.
Price: $14.95 (This product may also be available at Creative Kidstuff. )

Sing with Better Chinese! Audio CD 1-4
With their catchy and memorable songs, these audio CDs are a wonderful way to learn Chinese! Complimenting the My First Chinese Words series, this set of 4 CDs will have children singing along to favorite and familiar tunes and learning Chinese effortlessly. Parents will enjoy it too. $ 39.95+ shipping

My First Flash Cards
My First Chinese Flash Cards is a one-of-a-kind set of flash cards designed specifically for non-Mandarin speaking families and children of all ages.  These Flash Cards are a great way for teachers/parents to practice vocabulary with students in an interactive way. $ 29.95+shipping