Give to The Max Day FAQs



BEI DOU XING is XinXing’s non-profit parent group supporting the Chinese Immersion program at XinXing Academy and Xinxing@West Junior High School.


GIVE TO THE MAX DAY is our biggest annual fundraiser.  We pair up with on each November to raise funds to support our Chinese program. Our goal is to raise $35,000  we need your help!  We CAN do this with your help!  Go to  to make your tax-deductible online donation, or go to and search for Bei Dou Xing.


-Become a Rooster Booster in the Year of the Rooster with a donation!  And, be sure to check with your employer to see if it participates in a matching gift program. If so, follow their matching gifts procedure.

-Bei Dou Xing’s tax ID# is 27-2761060 and is also posted on our Give to the Max Day online page.

-We’d love the support of your friends and family! Direct them to our donation page at  Ask them to help us celebrate XinXing’s 11th year!

-All support is welcome!  This is a great opportunity for community businesses, individuals or families to gain exposure through sponsorships and matching gifts. Email for more information.

-Follow us on Facebook by liking “Bei Dou Xing Community,” sign up for the weekly Bei Dou Xing newsletter on our website at and follow us on Twitter: @bei_dou_xingWhy:Why:

Proceeds from Give to the Max Day go toward Bei Dou Xing’s three funds:

 Pie Chart 2017

Cultural Fund   $31,000

  • Apparel for China trip (taken from each year’s 8th grade fund)
  • Gifts for families for China trip (taken from each year’s 8th grade fund)
  • Gifts for Chinese administration (taken from each year’s 8th grade fund)
  • 4 chaperones for China trip (taken from each year’s 8th grade fund)
  • Culturally relevant field trips for grades K-2
  • Concordia Language Village day long cultural experience for grades 3-4
  • Concordia Language Village overnight cultural experience for grade 6

General Fund   $12,500

  • Classroom/School grants:  Abacuses, calligraphy brushes, Chinese signage, ping pong tables, Chinese instruments
  • Community building events (popsicles, napkins, nametags, etc.)
  • Gifts for visiting administration (exclusive of the Cosco visit)
  • Kindergarten t-shirts
  • CNY gifts for teachers
  • CNY performance dinner for teachers
  • Sunshine Fund
  • Catering at events (cookies, lemonade, etc.)
  • CNY DVDs
  • Operating Expenses
  • Cosco Visitor Funds
    • Dinner expenses for visiting students/administration
    • Entertainment expenses for visiting students/administration
    • Gifts for visiting students/administration (new item)

Laoshi Fund     $3,000

  • Educational reimbursement up to $1000 annually per teacher 

“Bei Dou Xing has helped my classroom by providing Chinese books, toys, field trips and classroom instructional material.”          –Donghong Wang, XinXing kindergarten teacher

“Bei Dou Xing has helped me by providing a Laoshi grant for supporting my immersion education and licensure.”                       –Lulu Shi, XinXing 3rd grade teacher