About Bei Dou Xing

Bei Dou Xing is a Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to supporting XinXing, the Chinese immersion program in the Hopkins School District.

Our Name

Bei Dou Xing, which means Northern or Guiding star, is the name for the group of XinXing Academy parents and community members who are dedicated to the success of the Hopkins’ Chinese immersion program. (FYI — our name is pronounced: Bei – sounds like “bay”; Dou – sounds like “doe”; Xing – sounds like “shing”).

What We Do

Our group of parent volunteers support Chinese curriculum and cultural activities for Hopkins Chinese immersion students. Bei Dou Xing is supported through grants and fund-raising activities. Bei Dou Xing events throughout the year include parent meetings, fundraising dinners, the Lunar New Year Festival, Longevity Event and Silent Auction and the XinXing Family Picnic.  Bei Dou Xing contributes to XinXing by providing grants to teachers for licensure, Chinese-related field trips and for the purchase of Chinese-related classroom supplies.  We also coordinate volunteers and provide supplies for cultural events such as the Lunar New Year Performance. Bei Dou Xing also supports community-building within Eisenhower Elementary by helping to fund Chinese-themed cultural experiences or grants for the entire school. Bei Dou Xing will support students thoughout their K-12 education which distinguishes it from the PTO that supports Eisenhower Elementary school.

Board Structure

The Bei Dou Xing parent group is run by a Board and includes representatives from the following Bei Dou Xing Committees: Fundraising, Communications, Room Parents, and Community Building. The nine member BeiDouXing board consists of eight parent volunteers voted in for a three-year rotating term and a kindergarten representative voted in at the beginning of each year.

With the exception of the Kindergarten representative, board positions are separated into three classes that rotate on 3 year terms as follows:

  • Class I: President, Community Building Committee, General Member
  • Class II: Vice-President, Treasurer, General Member
  • Class III: Secretary (Communications), General Member

Class rotations take place annually, with one Class rotating each year.  Rotating Class positions are open for nomination each spring and are voted on in at the spring BeiDouXing Member meeting.

Board Members

The Board Members hold the primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Bei Dou Xing and are eligible to vote on all Board issues. A description of the duties and responsibilities for each Board position is listed in the BeiDouXing Volunteer Handbook. View a list of current Board Members or election information.


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