Bei Dou Xing Board Members

The Board is responsible for executing plans that support the mission of Bei Dou Xing.  This includes managing the Bei Dou Xing finances and making decisions with respect to board structure/membership and other items brought before the board as needed.  The Board meets periodically  throughout the year.  Members of the board are expected to attend all parent meetings and to gather input from the broader Bei Dou Xing membership as needed.  If you have input or suggestions please contact one of the board members or send an email to .

2020-2021                        Bei Dou Xing Board

Co-Presidents                  Samantha Rosenberg & Deborah Seim
Vice- President                Jennifer Flavin
Treasurer                         Sara Faig
Co-Secretaries                 Blair Okey, Samantha Nett & Paul Hannan                             General Member             Terry Baresh
General Member             Tracey Eskew
General Member             Sung Lee
General Member             Amy Levy
General Member             Beth Parkhurst
Kindergarten Liaison     Andrea Ruby

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