Bei Dou Xing Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Bei Dou Xing?  Check out the list of frequently asked questions below.  If your question isn’t answered here, send an email to

What is Bei Dou Xing?
Bei Dou Xing, translated as “The North Star”, is a non-profit volunteer group created to support the Chinese curriculum and cultural activities for Hopkins Chinese immersion students.  It is made up of XinXing and XinXing @ West parent volunteers and supports immersion students throughout their time in the Hopkins school district.

Is Bei Dou Xing the XinXing PTO?
No, Bei Dou Xing is not a PTO.  All Eisenhower + XinXing parents belong to the IKE + XinXing PTO, which supports the entire school community.  Bei Dou Xing is dedicated to supporting cultural and other specific needs of a K-12 Chinese immersion program.

What is the purpose of Bei Dou Xing?
The purpose of Bei Dou Xing is to support the culturally specific needs of the Chinese immersion program in Hopkins.  Bei Dou Xing does this by providing grants for Chinese-centered field trips, grants for the continuing education and licensure of our teachers, as well as grants for the purchase of Chinese-related classroom supplies.  Bei Dou Xing also supports community building within Eisenhower + XinXing by helping to fund Chinese-themed cultural experiences for XinXing students and the entire school, such as Chinese instruments in music classes, lion dances, hallway signage and the playground ping pong table.

I get fundraising requests from Bei Dou Xing and the PTO.  Why should I support both?
XinXing and XinXing @ West are parts of established schools.  This allows our students to benefit from services and facilities including a nurse, cafeteria, library, music and physical education programs.  The PTO supports the entire school community which XinXing is a part of, while Bei Dou Xing supports the unique requirements of a successful immersion program.  XinXing students benefit from both the PTO and Bei Dou Xing, so it is important for the XinXing community to support both organizations.

I’ve heard Bei Dou Xing is fundraising for a longer-term cultural experience.  What will that be?
In researching other immersion programs, many believe it is important to give immersion students an opportunity to experience and utilize their skills in a non-school setting.  The Hopkins School District, in conjunction with our partner school in Shanghai, plans an optional, annual trip to China for the eighth grade class.  The trip allows students to use their language skills and be immersed in the culture of China, while interacting at the partner school.  Bei Dou Xing’s Cultural fund supports the cost of chaperones, gifts, and apparel, as well as the visit of Chinese students from our partner school to our school community.  The major fundraiser for the cultural fund is Give to the Max Day on November 17.  Each grade has a dedicated cultural fund.

What are some of the things Bei Dou Xing has done for the Hopkins Chinese Immersion Program?
Through fundraising efforts, the following are just a few examples of what Bei Dou Xing does to support XinXing and XinXing @ West through our General fund:

  • Annual Chinese-centered field trips-1 per grade (elementary)
  • Provide an appreciation meal for teachers/directors at the Chinese New Year performance
  • Family playground events
  • Classroom/School grant requests from teachers and principals
  • Sixth grade celebration
  • Donation to Hopkins Education foundation
  • Teacher Classroom Supplies (money from school supply orders and coffee sales)
  • Books for media center (money from book fair)
  • Tuition reimbursement for teacher continuing education /licensure classes

Does Bei Dou Xing send out regular communications?
Our weekly email update is our primary form of communication.  If you are not currently receiving our email but would like to subscribe, visit our website,  Submitting your contact information will ensure you receive future Bei Dou Xing email updates and your contact information will be included in the Bei Dou Xing membership directory (an opt-out option is available).  Your information will not be sold or shared outside Bei Dou Xing.

How will the cultural funds be allocated?  

The funds raised in a given year are allocated to each grade level and accumulated over time.   It is not expected that the funds will cover the entire cost of the trip, but will be available to help defray costs for those students that choose to participate in the cultural experience by paying for things such as chaperones.  Click here for a full explanation of how the allocation process works.