Bei Dou Xing Fundraising Committee


The Bei Dou Xing Fundraising Committee organizes many fundraising events throughout the year to support the Bei Dou Xing mission.  Proceeds from fundraising activities are allocated to one of the three BDX funds:  General Fund, Cultural Fund, or Laoshi Fund.


Supports and/or supplements day-to-day Chinese needs of the program

What events support the General fund?

  • Chinese New Year Festival- February
  • Zodiac T-shirts- February
  • Food and Fun for Bei Dou Xing – Monthly
  • Tote Bags- On going
  • XinXing Spirit Wear Store 
  • Direct Donations
  • School Supplies*- July
  • Book Fair*- Nov, May

What are the funds used for?

  • Chinese-themed field trips through grade 4
  • Chinese cultural lunch experience for grade 5
  • Chinese New Year Performance support
  • Chinese Immersion Information Fair
  • Family picnic and playground events
  • Classroom grant requests From teachers
  • Annual donation to Eisenhower School
  • Donation to Hopkins Education Foundation
  • BDX operating expenses
  • Teacher supplies*- (money from school supply order)
  • Books for media center* (money from book fair)


The Cultural Fund is dedicated to providing students with a cultural experience as part of their immersion education.  The fund supports a 6th grade overnight at Concordia language village and a trip to China at the end of 8th grade.   While the China experience is not fully defined, the members of Bei Dou Xing feel it is important to have funds to support an opportunity for our students to be immersed in the culture and language they are studying.  The China trip will be optional and will not be district sponsored, although junior high courses will support preparing students for the experience.  The Cultural Fund is longer term in nature, so is allocated across grade levels each year based on the Cultural Fund Allocation Schedule.  The fund is expected to cover the cost of teacher chaperones and offset the cost of entrance fees and other costs associated with a trip of this nature.  It is not expected that the fund will cover the entire cost of each student for either experience.  To see the current and projected funding by grade level click here.

What events support the cultural fund?

  • Longevity – Parent night out and Auction- April

What are the funds used for?

  • 6th grade overnight to Concordia Language Village
  • 8th grade optional trip to China (goal is to cover Faculty chaperone costs, travel guide fees, exhibits and entry fees)
  • 10% goes to Laoshi fund (starting in 2013)
  • Supports general fund when annual fundraising does not meet needs, up to 10% of current year’s earnings

LAOSHI FUND (new for 2012-2013)

Licensure is a necessity for maintaining our excellent teachers and this fund supports the licensure education costs for teachers.  It also can be used for teachers grant requests as needed.  Teachers apply for a grant after credits are earned or test is taken.

What event supports this fund?

  • The sale of recorded Chinese books by teachers-on going
  • Longevity-10% of annual earnings (starts in 2013)

What are the funds used for?

  • Tuition for classes
  • Fees for exams
  • Education-related teacher grant requests

Looking for More Information?

For additional information on Bei Dou Xing fundraising activities or to make a donation, please send an email to   Also see the Bei Dou Xing FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.