Sister School

XinXing has a new sister school in Beijing, China!  It is officially called “Primary School Attached to CNU”, or “CNU Elementary” for short.

 About CNU Elementary

CNU stands for “Capitol Normal University”, the training ground for Beijing’s most talented and devoted teachers.  It is also the top choice for many international students who want to become Chinese teachers either back home or in China.  CNU Elementary, our new sister school, benefits from all the talents, resources, and innovation CNU has to offer.  Unlike traditional Chinese primary schools, CNU Elementary emphasizes the “fun” aspect of learning.  Their students excel because they are motivated.  They are always encouraged to be creative, inside and outside of the classroom.

CNU Elementary Facts

CNU Elementary started in 1957.  Its current campus, built only 7 years ago, is in the western Beijing suburb of Haidian district.  Haidian was the imperial rest stop on the way to the Summer Palace.  Now it is a sophisticated “college town” with several universities in the area.  The school now has about 1200 students and a staff of 88.  This is small by Chinese standards.

Here is the link to the school’s home page for you and your kids to explore:

Want to know what time it is in Beijing?

Why CNU Elementary?

We were assisted in our search for a new sister school by the Confucius Institute (Hanban).   You may ask: why change schools in the first place?  One reason is to find a more compatible school to work with.  Another reason is location.  CNU Elementary has more resources because it is in the capitol city.  It is also easier for us  to travel to Beijing than most other cities in China.  See the Invitation Letter that was sent to the Principal of CNU Elementary.

We look forward to the exciting activities that will take place between XinXing and CNU Elementary.  Through peer interaction, our kids will gain a whole new aspect of immersion that will do wonders for their Chinese and global awareness.